Innovation and Excellence Award Winners

August 15, 2023

We have gratefully received the CorporateLiveWire Innovation and Excellence award for Videography Company of the Year 2023.  The judging panel for the international awards said that they were ‘particularly impressed by our 'innovative production process, where client collaboration is at its core.’  

We have been successfully creating video productions for the Energy Sector for the past five years and the collaborative relationships with clients have been key. “Every one of our clients is different, with a different problem to solve.” explains our Creative Director, Kevin Stride.  “Our approach is to work with our clients to fully understand their challenges and decide upon the best video production solutions that can help them see an impressive return on their investment.  We have helped clients to promote a certain culture, gain exposure, educate their target audience on their services and position themselves as experts.  Crafting unique videos that get results is always challenging and exciting.  Having worked with a wide range of clients within the Energy Sector spanning both oil and gas and renewables, means that we also understand the important focus on safe operations.  Many of our clients hold very impressive safety records and we are trusted to help them keep and improve them when we operate on their sites and assets.”

The award came less than twelve months after our win at the Long Story Shorts International Film Festival, whose aim is to take theway visual stories are shared and experienced to a higher level.  At last year’s festival we were awarded Best Documentary for our skill in capturing and telling real stories.