Major Milestone for the Kincardine Wind Farm Project

December 11, 2020

Throughout all the filming and editing we've been doing recently we have also been managing a large amount of filming that has been going on across three countries, capturing the fabrication and construction of what will become the Kincardine Wind Farm, the world's largest offshore floating wind farm. Earlier this week a major milestone was reached as the first of the newly completed turbines and semi-sub structure was towed from Rotterdam and it is currently on its way to the Kincardine site. Named KIN-04, it is expected to arrive at its new home towards the end of December and over the months to follow its sister structures will arrive to form the completed wind farm.

The semi-sub structure has been filmed at many stages from just a component in Aviles to the completed structure being loaded onto a transport vessel in Ferrol and delivered in Rotterdam, where the turbine itself was constructed. Having been involved in organising film crews and managing the content to be captured it is a great moment to see and we can't wait to film our first shots of it when it arrives at the Kincardine field.