RED Snow

December 31, 2020

A short while ago we invested in a new camera system and two new lenses because we wanted to improve the quality of the visuals we capture for our video productions. We decided to introduce a RED Digital Cinema camera to our range of equipment as it will give us possibilities beyond what we were able to capture previously. With the ability to record raw footage internally as well as higher frame rates at higher resolution and even HDR footage. RED Digital Cinema cameras have been used on several Hollywood film productions as well as high-end films around the world.

Since we took delivery of the camera we have only had the opportunity to use it a couple of times and mostly filming interviews, but when the snow started to fall yesterday the first thing that came into our Creative Director's head was 'grab the RED!' Shot at 120 frames per second at 4.5K resolution (then exported at 4K) we have some great test shots of the snow falling. And in our Creative Director's own words "testing out the possibilities with the colour grading using raw footage is unlike anything we've tried out before and the dynamic range on this thing is awesome." We can't wait to get back out filming in 2021 and really see what we can produce using this amazing camera.

A short selection of our test footage is available below (please note that there is some gardening work that has been started in the garden, hence the wheelbarrow and planks of wood you'll see there).