The Place to Be

June 3, 2021

It was a great experience developing and producing this video for the Banchory Business Association to showcase what Banchory has to offer to visitors of the area. We spent two days visiting various locations and meeting a lot of the people who help to make the area what it is. We really wanted the footage for this project to look as good as we could make it so it was shot on our RED Digital Cinema camera and we spent a good amount of time at each location getting the lighting right. In one location we even removed all of the lightbulbs and replaced them with our own lights so we could better control how the shot looked.

A total of eighteen people participated on screen for this production. Some were professional actors and others were the people who run the businesses that are featured, but together they helped us to convey the spirit of Banchory. There was so much that went into this advert that we plan to create a new Video Insight video to better explain some of the technical aspects around how we shot and lit some of the scenes and even show you the extent we had to go to with some of the shots to make the bad weather we faced on the days of filming seem like it wasn't even there. There is a thirty second version of the video which is being broadcast on STV, but we loved the result of this one so much that we've shared the full two minute version with you below.