What Did You Do This Weekend?

August 28, 2020

Get up to anything exciting this weekend? We did! Our lazy Sunday afternoon was flipped on its head and we ended up with our cameras ready and 20 feet beneath Babcock's Search and Rescue helicopter whilst the crew carried out their training exercises. It involved crew members being winched from the helicopter down to the back deck of a boat, then winched off again and lifted back up to the helicopter. The second part of the training involved a life raft with two dummies inside. The crew were lowered to the raft to access the casualties before once again being winched back up to the helicopter.

It was an exciting experience, especially filming in some of the weather and the sea state. It's definitely something we can't wait to film more of. If you're interested in what the Search and Rescue team get up to, there is a short sequence below of what we captured.