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Client Name

Diamond Offshore

Project Name

Ocean GreatWhite


Create an eye-catching promotional video for the Ocean GreatWhite to attract potential operators.


Showcase the rig’s capabilities whilst conveying the crew’s passion, professionalism and experience.


Careful planning to ensure the rig’s momentous arrival on location was captured before immersing ourselves within the crew aboard the rig for three days.


Dramatic moving imagery which captured the rig’s power and capabilities which has since been aired globally by Diamond Offshore.

When Diamond Offshore approached us with the opportunity to create a promotional video for their remarkable semi-submersible drilling rig, the Ocean GreatWhite, we immediately knew we would have to create powerful imagery which reflected the rig’s capabilities.

Learning more about the rig sparked exciting ideas. During our initial discussions with Diamond Offshore, we discovered the rig was moving into British waters for the first time and was capable of working in challenging environments such as the West of Shetland. Being the world’s largest semi-submersible drilling rig at time of filming, we began to consider how we could capture the technological impact and incredible scale of Ocean GreatWhite.

We believe people are the greatest storytellers and were eager to spend time with the crew on board the Ocean GreatWhite to gain their perspective. After filming the landmark arrival of the rig at Kishorn Port, the first time a rig had entered the port in decades, we spent three days on board the asset. This gave us a unique opportunity to interact with the key personnel and provide them with a platform to share their knowledge and excitement with the viewer.

Combining cinematic shots of the Ocean GreatWhite with crew interviews allowed us to create a stylish promotional video which was vast in scale yet deeply personal, creating a meaningful connection between the featured team members and the audience.

Diamond Offshore have since shown the video across the world, with their CEO airing it during appearances on Bloomberg and CNN.