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Client Name

Aberdeen Football Club Women’s Team

Project Name

Rise of the Women


Celebrate the launch of Aberdeen Football Club Women’s Team with inspiring imagery.


Capture fast-paced moving imagery which empowers the athletes and engages the audience.


Carefully choreographed sequences filmed on a handheld camera to create an intimate viewing experience.


An exciting video which conveys the strength, power and determination within the sport.

Creating powerful yet personal narratives is always an exciting challenge. We were thrilled to be trusted with producing a video to announce the launch of Aberdeen Football Club Women at the AFC Player of the Year event in 2019.

Eager to capture the drama and athleticism which defines the sport, we decided to shoot this video entirely handheld with no stabilisation tools. This allowed us to move quickly to capture fast-paced action whilst getting up close and personal with the athletes. Our shooting method not only granted viewers a front row seat to the action, but also allowed us to convey the club’s values and objectives to be strong, respectful role models at the fore of British women’s football.

We value collaboration and teamwork. Aware that a photographer would also be present on the day of filming, we meticulously planned every scene to ensure all camera operators could capture the necessary imagery without disrupting any shots. This allowed for the shoot to proceed smoothly and efficiently without any unnecessary interruptions.