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Client Name

Phil Anderson Financial Services

Project Name

The Wolf of Bridge Street


Create a memorable campaign to boost exposure.


Parody popular culture to convey information in an exciting new way.


Collaborate closely with the team at Phil Anderson Financial Services to capture the company’s unique spirit.


An entertaining campaign filled with character which quickly gained over 20,000 views on social media.

When Phil Anderson Financial Services approached us to discuss their goal of using moving imagery to expand their business’ outreach, the original brief was to create a simple whiteboard explainer video. However, being aware that the financial services market was already saturated with this style of advertising, we knew there would be a more creative solution to ensure the company stood out from the crowd.

While developing our relationship with Phil Anderson Financial Services, we were eager to create a campaign which captured the company’s good-natured character to combat the stuffy stereotypes which surround the finance industry. We pitched a new idea, suggesting we create a parody trailer in the style of The Wolf of Wall Street.

Working closely with the company’s team, we developed a script which perfectly balanced the serious aspects of the business with this unique, fun format. To capture the company vision of becoming the top financial advisory firm in the North and North East of Scotland, we decided to film locally in Ellon, Aberdeen and Newburgh.

We were very grateful to Phil Anderson and his team for trusting our storytelling ability. They openly embraced the project and enthusiastically participated during the production process, which allowed us to capture the company’s fun spirit with the staff in the spotlight.

We were delighted to see Phil Anderson Financial Services achieve their goal of gaining more exposure following the release of The Wolf of Bridge Street. A fun experience, this project allowed us to embrace our passion for creative storytelling, approaching a project from an unexpected but engaging angle which successfully stopped social media scrollers in their tracks.