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The Kincardine Offshore Wind Farm


Create a video which will capture the international effort to build and install the Kincardine Offshore Wind Farm and introduce the target audience to the farm’s power generation capabilities and effectiveness of floating offshore wind to contribute to the country’s renewable power generation targets.


The video would feature footage of key stages of the fabrication and building of the semi-submersible structures and wind turbines along with the final completed offshore wind farm.


Camera crews in The Netherlands and Spain were managed from Aberdeen due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions that were in place at the time of filming.


A captivating video that mixes stunning imagery with an international story focusing on the capabilities of floating offshore wind farms.

We were excited to take on our first major renewables project and we wanted to make sure this video could stand out due to the wide attention that renewable power is getting as the country heads towards its ambitious energy production targets.

What began as a project that offered great opportunity to travel to different locations and capture footage of the various stages of fabrication and building of the wind farm quickly tested our capabilities to adapt and deliver during changing circumstances as the world was faced with the COVID-19 pandemic.  At the time of the restrictions there was only one location that had been filmed so far and the project was still at early stages.  Knowing it wouldn’t be feasible for us to travel to the other locations to film we focused our attention of finding capable local camera crews who we could manage from Aberdeen.  Our first major renewables project also became our first video production where we had to manage an international film crew across two different countries, whilst also liaising with our client who was also based outside of the UK.

The effective collaboration of everyone from different locations and clearly communicated vision for the project meant that we were able to successfully capture all of the required stages of the project and despite the massive change to how we anticipated delivering the end product, we were still able to do it without going over budget due to careful planning and allocation of resources.