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Client Name

Stena Drilling

Project Name

Peru: Unlocking the Potential


Document the Stena Forth’s groundbreaking achievement with stunning moving imagery.


Capture the personal perspective of the company’s extraordinary journey.


Travelling from Aberdeen to Peru, we spent one week filming aboard the Stena Forth before capturing scenes from Talara and Lima.


A cinematic celebration of Stena Forth’s operational success which highlights the personnel involved and the company’s values.

We always enjoy working with Stena Drilling. Our latest collaboration took us to the vibrant shores of South America for the very first time.

A momentous event in the company’s history, their vessel, the Stena Forth, made its inaugural venture around Cape Horn into the Pacific Ocean. Alongside being the drilling contractor’s first journey into the Pacific, it was only the second time in Peru’s history that a drillship had entered the deep waters of the Tumbes basin, with the majority of drills in the area being set up near the coast.  

To fully depict the impact of the Stena Forth’s achievement, we felt it was important to ground the event through the real places and people involved. We travelled to Peru after the vessel had arrived, spending time shooting footage in Talara and Lima to pull viewers into the vessel’s sensational new setting. To capture the crew’s authentic experience on board the Stena Forth, we spent a week immersed amongst them. As we discovered their voyage to their new base had taken place over the Christmas period, encountering rough seas, we believed it was important to capture the strong sense of community embraced by the team. Infusing their personal narratives with the company’s achievement brought Stena Drilling’s unique voice to the fore.

It was a pleasure to be trusted with documenting this landmark occasion for the company whilst sharing the crew’s passion and knowledge with the viewer, suitably celebrating Stena Drilling’s remarkable journey into new waters.