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Stena Drilling

Project Name

The Evolution of Stena Drilling


Tell the story of Stena Drilling’s impressive growth and accomplishments from the company’s beginnings to welcoming the newest drillship in their fleet, the Stena Evolution.


Capture the personal perspective of the company’s extraordinary journey, to be delivered by some of the people who have been with the company for several years.


Capture interviews with the selected members of the Stena Drilling team and utilise our archive of Stena Drilling footage from past collaborations to immerse the audience in the story.


A cinematic celebration of the company’s successes which highlights the key steps and opportunities taken by the team to ensure Stena Drilling always holds true to its values of Care, Innovation and Performance.

We always enjoy working with Stena Drilling. Our recent collaboration allowed us to tell their story from creation to the present day.

The culmination of the past few years of working together, this video required footage from Stena Drilling’s entire current fleet of vessels.  Being entrusted to help the company to tell their story from the creation of Stena Drilling in the 1990s to the present day as they welcome their newest drillship to the fleet was incredibly rewarding.  This video served to inform the audience of Stena Drilling’s journey and cement them as deepwater drilling experts who always look to innovate and perform to their highest level.

A decision was made to film all the interviews for this video in the same location and with the same lighting set-up.  We wanted to present the Stena Drilling people as a unified team who tell the story together.  As some of team look back on the significant moments in the company’s history, they are reminded of their values and how they must care and innovate in order to perform to their full potential.  Inspired by the successes of the past they prepare themselves to head into the future and welcome their newest and most advanced drillship, the Stena Evolution.